Pure Hot Yoga
Health – Pure Hot Yoga, yoga for everyone – B2C sales video.
Pure Hot Yoga are a leading yoga studio based in Godalming, Surrey. They passionately believe that yoga improves your health and wellbeing and is for everyone, no matter your age or ability. 
Project scope – created all aspects of the animation, from concept through to delivery.
Project length – 3 weeks.

Yoga is often associated with stereotypes such as you have to be flexible, it's mainly for women and it’s only for a certain age range. Shereine Swindon established Pure Hot Yoga to introduce yoga to a wider range of people, believing that the benefits of yoga should be open to all.


Working with script writer Darren Jones (Dr Who, Bob the Builder, The Jungle Book) we created a script that removed the stereo types and shows how inclusive yoga is, the strap line “For any age, any shape, anyone” neatly sums it up.


The fresh, friendly characters demonstrate the range of ages, sexes and abilities and were the creation of Mark Murphy.


Many of our projects are collaborations with talented creatives, helping us to produce the best work by selecting the best team