Virtual Recall
Veterinary – exhibition video, B2B sales video.
Virtual Recall are looking to change the way that veterinary practices communicate with their clients, through an efficient, integrated app – covering all aspects of communications with clients.
Project scope – all aspects of the animation from initial meeting to final delivery Project length – 4 week.
Virtual Recall have a suite of products offering a wide range of features. The first task was to work with Charlie Barton at Virtual Recall to pare down the numerous features to a key set.
These ideas were given a loose narrative before moving onto the design, we settled on a striking design using silhouette shapes and dotted lines to act as a link between the elements and represent the flow of data.
The animation was so successful at the exhibitions that it was reversioned to include a voice over and used across their three main markets, Europe, USA and Australia.
"Charlie Barton, Director
"Seb was fantastic at helping us created some animated video content, from ground up. He grasped the concepts of the business quickly and suggested an animation series that was fun and effective at getting our message across. We subsequently added voice over, which he scripted and oversaw professional recording to good effect. We have subsequently had versions produced for different countries where we sell our software. It has been really well received and would certainly recommend Seb to anyone."