Virtual Recall
Veterinary – exhibition video, B2B sales video.
Virtual Recall launch a new product, iRecall Surveys! It makes creating, sending and monitoring surveys simple and cost effective. Practices can now have an informed view on how clients view their practice, so they can improve the service they offer.

Project scope – all aspects of the animation from initial meeting to final delivery
Project length – 4 week.
To convey the benefits of iRecall Surveys we worked with marketing director Kristina McIntyre and director Charlie Barton to define the key benefits to the practice. It’s a great product with a lot to offer the practice manager or owner, as is often the case, the challenge was to strip the benefits down to the core and build a narrative from this. With the script approved we recorded the voice over to act as the timeline for the animation.

This is the second video we’ve created for Virtual Recall so we wanted to have a design that would work alongside the first video but have room to develop and move it forwards. To keep the design clean and consistent we avoided using screen shots of the real tools where possible and added in a little light humour visually to compliment the voice over.

It’s been a great success, the video helped launch iRecall Surveys at the London Vet Show, it was part of an inspired stand based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – with 6 chocolate bars a day containing a golden ticket to free products.
"Charlie Barton, Director
"Seb was fantastic at helping us created some animated video content, from ground up. He grasped the concepts of the business quickly and suggested an animation series that was fun and effective at getting our message across. We subsequently added voice over, which he scripted and oversaw professional recording to good effect. We have subsequently had versions produced for different countries where we sell our software. It has been really well received and would certainly recommend Seb to anyone."