Part-time driver video one of 15 we made for TUYA
TUYA – Delivery Platform
3 Sales Videos And 12 Advert/ Social Videos
TUYA are making waves in the delivery sector: like Uber and Airbandb, Tuya will completely change the way items are delivered.
Project scope – 3 sales videos, 12 social videos
Project length – 12 weeks
Full-time driver explainer
Shipper explainer
Following on from the success of the fundraising video we created for TUYA, they got back in touch to commission animations as part of their launch.

We had a few days in Texas at the head office in Houston and a distribution centre in Austin, meeting the management team to get a full understanding of the product. After many hours of meetings we had enough information to start narrowing the focus. It soon became clear that we would need 3 videos and a further 12 shorter videos for advertising and social media.

Working with Marketing Director Brandon Bienvenu, we selected the key pain points for drivers, part time drivers and shippers. We worked with script writer Darren Jones to created 3 main and 12 micro scripts, at times Brendan helped to steer the words in a more American direction.

The design built on the style used in the previous animation, but added in more solid colours and more characterisation. Once again Neil Corcoran created the characters and illustrations that gave a visual life to the script.

"Music is the one thing that worries and delights me most" - Sebastian Read – Animation Director
But in the trusty hands of Rich at Meduktions we had nothing to worry about, he created a track that lifts with the progression of the animation and has a slight Texan twang to it, perfect.