Couriers –  Fundraising animation.
TUYA are making waves in the delivery sector: like Uber and Airband Tuya will completely change the way items are delivered.
Project scope – all aspects of the animation from initial meeting to final delivery Project length – 8 weeks
The term disruptors, we hear the term regularly – in meetings or even about new websites. But some ideas truly change the way sectors work, change the way businesses operate: they are disrputive like Tuya.

The line style for Tuya is to reflect the delivery of an item from one place to another, linking the shipper, driver and client. Bold fresh colours reflect the brand making it pop off the screen, with line characters representing the range of people involved in the process.

Tuya have now moved onto the next stage of the process with plans to expand their operations, we’ve already started working on this, we’re very excited about this next phase in the project.