The Law Society
Legal – internal communications video.

The Law Society are the professional body representing solicitors in the UK. They are changing the way learning and professional development is viewed within the organisation. This animation show that, with guidance, colleagues can change their attitude, so learning isn't just every now and again but every day.

Project scope – script consultant, voice over and animation

Project length – 3 weeks.


The law society is a large organisation representing the legal profession, and like every organisation they strive to develop through learning in the workplace. However they have taken a fresh and innovative approach to learning through their Every Day Learning initiative (EDL), where colleagues look at a wider range of learning opportunities – not simply courses or workshops. Learning isn’t always viewed as the most exciting topic, so our challenge was to inject some humour and entertain, whilst upholding the important message.

In line with this fresh approach we created an animation that takes the employee on a journey, introducing them to new ideas and concepts, encouraging them to explore new possibilities and opportunities to learn, every day. We developed the characters and designs conceived by The Surgery Design to create an exciting and engaging animation that’s a real departure from how most people see the legal profession. It demonstrates how animation can be used to add a light touch of humour and how audiences should be engaged and entertained to effectively convey the message – even or, perhaps, especially in a regulated profession such as law.

The video has been a real success, informing and helping to engage employees in the developing EDL programme.