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Virtual Recall is the leader in client communication systems for vets. We've created a set of videos to explain the advantages of their products to managers and practice owners.
We've helped them to:

– increase conversion rates and boost sales
– show how their products solve the clients' problems
– see video as an integral part of their marketing strategy


Charlie Barton, Director, Virtual Recall


"Klopt were fantastic at helping us create some animated video content, from the ground up. They grasped the concepts of the business quickly and suggested an animation series that was fun and effective at getting our message across. It has been well received and helped boost sales, I would certainly recommend them."


1. Increase your conversions and boost sales

Virtual Recall saw the potential for video and we worked with them on a set of animations to promote their products.


Their animations got a lot of attention – not only from potential clients but also from Google, helping with searches, in turn helping with sales through a higher number of visitors.


The animations helped increase the conversion rate. In under one and a half minutes visitors had a good understanding of the product, leading to more people taking the next step.

Stills from Engage product video

2. Solve your clients' problems


Clients are not interested in how Virtual Recall's products work, they want the product to solve their problems, they want to know that it will make their life easier, be more efficient, do more things and be the best option.


With all our clients, we have a laser focus on the features that will solve their problems and how competitors fail to do this. A one minute script has only about 150 words, so every word has to earn its place!


We worked closely with Charlie Barton (MD) and Kristina McIntryre to understand where clients were struggling and match this to how the products would help. Finding the pain points is vital, as it helps to construct a message that appeals to them as a person, rather than selling a list of features.

Stills from iRecall product video

3. Integrate video into your marketing

We've proved to Virtual Recall that video works, it boosts sales, presents a clear and consistent sales message and appeals to clients. It is now part of their ongoing marketing strategy and integral to new products and updates, customer testimonials and event filming.

Video is now commonplace in every business sector, SME's often struggle with video and animation, you may not have the skillset or experience, or know the right company. Virtual Recall have benefitted from our experience to realise the full potential of video, and the increased profit it brings.


We cover animation and video

We manage and walk you through the whole process: concepts, scripts, voice over, 2D & 3D animation, studio and location filming, editing and motion graphics- we provide a complete one-stop solution.

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