Steps in the Production Process

If you’ve ever thought about commissioning an animation but are put off by what seems like a complex or magical process then read on.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients on heaps of projects and although every project is different there are certain steps that we follow when creating an animated film – so we cleared the smoke and got rid of the mirrors to lay bare the steps involved.

1. The Brief

To create the best animation for you we need to completely understand your product, service or message, and of course the audience – this is something we allow time for. We look at your business from the outside, ask lots of questions and make sure we have a clear picture of your expectations.

2. Key Messages

Working alongside the client, we’ll thrash out your USPs and key messages, distilling them into a clear, simple, engaging set. We work hard to find those golden nuggets that will resonate with the viewer, looking in from the outside we provide a fresh, alternative perspective.

3. Script

Then we mould these into the script, this forms the backbone of the project – it encapsulates the messages, defining the tone, narrative and flow.

Alongside the script we add in a visual treatment, describing what’s animating on screen in time with the voice over.

We’ve years of experience of writing for animation and getting the most into the screen time, alternatively you may already have a script you want us to work with, so we’ll need to see that at this point.

4. Design and Visual Concept

Your brand guidelines form the basis for our colour palette and any typography used in the animation; at this stage the visual concept is pinned down, including characters, logos and products.

We choose a couple of key sequences and show these fully artwork up so you get a really clear idea of how the animation is going to look.

If the job is more complex we create a storyboard, these quick sketches map out our vision for the animation, especially useful if there is a big team on the project.

5. Voiceover

The voiceover is fundamental in setting the timing of the animation and is usually done before the animation work begins. We work with a number of different studios and have access a wide variety of voice over artists so we can always find the right voice for the job.

6. Production

Once all the groundwork has been completed, the production process begins – animation is quite a slow process and this stage may take a while depending on the length of the voice over.

We keep you involved throughout the process, starting with test animations of key sequences and building up to the complete and final animation.

7. Music and Sound Effects

Silence is golden, but rarely in animation! Music and and sound effects add the finishing touch and are applied once the animation is complete. Occasionally, a piece of music drives the animation, although this is less common.

And thats it! The files are converted into whatever format is required and then it’s ready to be released to the world!

We follow this approach with every client no matter how large or how small. Our experience gained over many years working with a wide variety of clients and sectors ensures that the Klopt! approach delivers, every time.

The next Klog in the series will look at budgets.

Klopt! was founded by Sebastian Read, who’s spent the last two decades learning everything there is to know about animation, in all its many forms. Set up in 2012 to respond to the burgeoning video-marketing and internal-comms sectors, Klopt! produces concise, compelling animation and motion graphics for big brands, small businesses and innovative start-ups.

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