Yoga. For any age, any shape, anyone.

Shereine Swindon established Pure Hot Yoga to bring the benefits of yoga to all "Yoga is such a fantastic way of improving health and wellbeing and yet so many people either aren't aware of the benefits or are put off by the stereotypes. I started Pure Hot Yoga as I strongly believe that if only people experienced yoga then they would come to love it as I do."

The brief was to create a short animation that would appeal to a wide audience and really dispel the stereotypes. Working with the script writer Darren Jones we focussed on introducing characters who you might not expect, from the "yoda" Granny to the texting teen. These characters help to show how perceptions are often wrong. The strap line "For any age, any shape, anyone" sums it up perfectly.

The character skills of Mark Murphy brought the script to life with a range of fresh characters that covered all ages from teenage through to mums, body builders and the older generation.

Klopt! was founded by Sebastian Read, who’s spent the last two decades learning everything there is to know about animation, in all its many forms. Set up in 2012 to respond to the burgeoning video-marketing and internal-comms sectors, Klopt! produces concise, compelling animation and motion graphics for big brands, small businesses and innovative start-ups.

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