Stop Waffling! Get to the point.

The title says it all really, when you make an animation just get straight to the point.

So, why should you get to the point and what tips are there to help you get to the point more effectively? We’re using GIFs from to help get the message across, as if there is any medium gets to the point, it’s a GIF.

The point, why it's so important

You want to keep viewers watching so cut out the waffling!

Here is a story of the waff. In it’s waff(les) form the waff is hugely popular, the Belgium variety is especially delicious.

However the waff, when in it’s waff(le) form is altogether different and can be referred to as:

“going on or speaking or writing at length in a vague or trivial manner” it's just annoying and leaves a bad taste.

No one likes a waffler, The guy at the party who endlessly talks about routes and road numbers, football when I’m not interested or training regimes for triathlons. Animation is just the same, no one wants to wade through vague points, that are just too long, too wide ranging and don’t pay attention to the audience.You will lose your audience, some even before they start – viewers often check the length of the video and if it’s to long they are back to their latte and onto the next video.

It has been proven that waffle is a guaranteed way to turn off your audience.

How to avoid the waffle and the turnoff.

Put the most important stuff at the start

Why make people wait? Take your key points and put them at the start, people’s attention span is tiny, I’m amazed that you are still reading this, but if you have stuck it this far then, like most people, your time will be divided between this blog, your phone and listening into the conversation on the table next door. So with a tiny attention span and multi tasking there are even more reasons to put the juicy bits at the start.


Focus on the key points, a short focussed video has way more impact than a long waffley one. So take the time to focus on the key messages, start off with ten things you want to say then see if you can cut it to five.

That’s the worst thing about a waffler- they just keep going on and don’t know when to stop, they can’t read the signs and make it a one way conversation. By it’s nature a video is a one way experience so make sure that you think about your audience beforehand, only using points that they will be interested in. Guide the conversation, but keep their attention – don't waffle, don't let them become bored, remember that tiny attention span?

Keep to the point

Once you’ve created your zen like focus, stick with it! Don’t blow it by expanding too much or you will stray into waffle territory, I’m always going back over scripts and clients USP’s in a biblical mission to cut them down, trim the fat or just simply get to the point. Why say it in ten words when you can use two, or one…


Why do you need this at the start? Most of the time you don’t - people want to see your message not your logo – put your logo at the end with a link through to your site or other information. I frequently skip through the logo on videos- it’s not uncommon for logos to take 10 seconds or so – 10 seconds that could be spent on sharing something with the audience. I used to work in TV creating title sequences, great work but most people took the titles as an opportunity to put the kettle on, I’m over it now, but it was a good lesson.

So to recap

1. Unless you're selling waffles, cut out the waffle

2. This will help to stop your audience skipping onto the next video

3. Load up the front of the video with your top USP's

4. Focus, say as few things as possible. We listen to the quiet man but turn away from the waffler

5. Keep to the points, don't make them looooong

6. Logos, these are great but they have a place

Klopt! was founded by Sebastian Read, who’s spent the last two decades learning everything there is to know about animation, in all its many forms. Set up in 2012 to respond to the burgeoning video-marketing and internal-comms sectors, Klopt! produces concise, compelling animation and motion graphics for big brands, small businesses and innovative start-ups.

These are some of the logos we made as part of the In a Giffy series – take a look at the animation here

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