Barnett Waddingham win award.

The team at Barnett Waddingham have just won the prestigious 2016 Pensions Consultancy of the Year category.

Through the Surgery we’ve worked with Barnett Waddingham ( Damian Stancombe, Simon Rusling and Andi Buddery) on two campaigns, both of them radical departures in approach from the ‘norm’ in the pensions sector.

The ‘Under the sea’ was the latest digital and press campaign, from the start we set out to implement bold, graphic designs that stand out and help differentiate Barnett Waddingham visually. Simple, strong colour palettes make the images pop off the screen and page but behind this there is a much deeper thought process, focussing on clarity of message.

This campaign posed a tough challenge – to improve how Barnett Waddingham were perceived and raise awareness. Market research had revealed that there was some room for improvement in how they were perceived in the market, so we focussed on 4 key points representing these within the ‘Under the sea’ campaign. The results were striking and effective.

An earlier campaign was the Auto Enrollment ‘Elephant in the room’ this literally put the elephant in the room, showing how companies had to face up to this issue, as it wasn’t going away! The strong design, unusual approach and simple message demonstrates how Barnett Waddingham take a lead in this and all areas of their business. Through the surgery we created a teaser and a full animation covering all aspects of the process.

Klopt! was founded by Sebastian Read, who’s spent the last two decades learning everything there is to know about animation, in all its many forms. Set up in 2012 to respond to the burgeoning video-marketing and internal-comms sectors, Klopt! produces concise, compelling animation and motion graphics for big brands, small businesses and innovative start-ups.

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