Air Accident Investigation Bureau
Aviation – visualisation of the investigation's findings

The shoreham air accident in August 2015 killed 11 people and injured a further 13. The inquest by the AAIB was exhaustive, unvcovering why the accident happened and how it may have been avoided.

Project scope – all aspects of the animation from initial meeting to final delivery

Project length – 8 weeks.


We worked alongside the AAIB, for The Surgery Design, to help visualize the build-up to the air crash in August 2015. Nick Cordell's initial designs were re-created in 3D , giving the feel of a newspaper or print illustration brought to life.


We meticulously recreated the Hawker Hunter aircraft, used at the start of the visualisation. Sorting through photographs from on and before the day to ensure we had the right marking and the model was correct. We created textures specifically for the model so there was an exact match to the real aircraft.

This was a very sensitive subject and until the public inquest in 2017 we had to keep it all under wraps.

Hopefully the clear graphic visualisation will help explain the events to those involved so they can understand how this terrible event occurred.