Risk View Residential
Surveying – Landmark's new search product for solicitors – B2B sales video.
Risk View Residential (RVR) is a new product from Landmark, the specialists in land searches – currently generating the sales pack is slow and may in result in omissions, RVR changes all this making the process much more streamlined and efficient.
Project scope – we created all animation and directed voice over.
Project length – 3 weeks.
We helped Spring Thinking create this sales video for RVR, it’s a relatively dry subject so the challenge was to make it engaging. Focussing on colours to create energy, we selected from Landmark's bright contemporary palette combined with simple graphic shapes to create a fresh, lively animation. Character are represented with simple shapes and brought to life with a quick animation style, even the family dog gets an appearance.
This distinctive style, playful animation and bright colours help differentiate Landmark from the competition.