Power Generation – Centrica's Route to Market (RtM) – B2B sales video, website and conference.

Centrica's new product RtM helps small, thermal energy producers make the most of their energy generation. Power generation is a complex and heavily regulated industry, the challenge was to simplify the message and make clear the benefits of Centrica's new approach.


Project scope – concept, script, directionand animation.

Project length – 5 weeks.



Working with The Surgery Design we had an initial meeting where we started to get to grips with the previously unknown world of power generation. Over the years we've looked under the bonnet of a lot of different businesses but this was a part of one we had never come across before, so it was a great challenge.

Liaising closely with the team at Centrica responsible for developing the product – Leah Timmins, Nick Williams and Lee Priestley we started to define the USP’s and focus these into a two minute script, the voice over was recorded with the help of Stephen Buckley at Voiceovers-uk.com setting the timing and tone for the animation.

We developed two characters to structure the narrative, drawing from 50’s animations for inspiration, Fred and Harry, these were created by The Surgery Design’s creative director Nick Cordell. Fred recognises the benefits of RtM whilst Harry is still generating in the way he used to. We explain the features of the product through the two characters and the benefits that Fred gets over Harry.

Fred comes out on top, literally as well as financially, encouraging the client to “Be more Fred, less Harry”

The animation simplifies the concept, gives it personality and shows how powerful the product is.