Porsche – Early Hybrid Technology
Automotive – The Porsche museum have meticulously rebuilt the 1905 Porsche Lohner, they needed a film as part of the exhibition.

An engineer's sketch existed of the car showing cross sections and a handful of measurements, the brief was to create a 3D CGI model of the car and an animation to bring the sketch to life.


Using the engineering sketch as a guide and only a handful of photos we created a detailed 3D CGI model, starting with basic shapes and primatives working these into a true representation of the car. This included cutaways, cross hatching and pencil marks to follow the look of the sketch as closely as possible.


Project scope – all modelling, rendering and compositing

Project length – 4 weeks.



Unfortunately there wasn’t the opportunity to see the car or visit the museum in the timescale of the project. The reference photos we received were a good starting point but didn’t cover all the car and didn’t include measurements. Most of the modelling was guided by one engineer's sketch, but this only showed one angle so there was quite a lot of work constructing the hidden or missing parts..


This added an extra level of challenge to the modelling, a large proportion of time was spent trying to figure out the dimensions, appearance and location of parts. Getting it right was crucial as the exhibit and the film would be seen side by side. Despite the challenges we are really happy with the result, knowing that it bears a true resemblance to the original.


Despite the challenges we are really happy with the result, knowing that it bears a true resemblance to the originaly.


Exploded View
We created an exploded promotional video to show the number of parts and complexity of the model.

In addition to the main animaiton we created another film to show the complexity of the car and the model, revealing parts and features of the car that are not visible in the original animation.


There were thousands of elements in the model, and the complexity is staggering when you consider that all the engineering work and calculations were done by hand.


The animation was commissioned by Creative Nuts and Fhar(T)raum..


Project scope – all design and animation.

Project length – 1 week.