Philips Consumer Lifestyle – Accelerate!
Manufacturing – website using animation to host key messages from the management team, resources, videos and tools – internal comms.

Characters, new worlds, futuristic technologies and quarterly updates. We created a range of animations and websites to help communicated the Accelerate! program to over 2000 employees in 10 countries over 3 continents.


Project scope – created all aspects of the animation, from script and design to final film.

Project length – 14 weeks.



Philips Consumer Lifestyle needed a new communication platform for their Accelerate! Program. As part of a 3 year improvement scheme defined by 5 key areas involving thousands of employees located globally we were tasked with designing a structure and narrative to communicate the Accelerate! message.


We started by breaking down the elements within the program and creating and collecting all the assets such as: video, resources and tools. From this we designed a virtual world with 5 zones all unified within a main structure or building.


The hand drawn animated style creates a friendly approachable feeling to the message, forming a departure from the normal internal comms within Philips. This new world formed the framework to hold video and testimonials from top management, explaining progress and next steps. Our hero character journeyed around this world leading us through the various zones finally reaching the key concluding message.



To keep everyone up to date we created quarterly updates.

The 'Accelerate!' program introduced new techniques and procedures across the Consumer Lifestyle group. To keep up regular communication we created the package for the quarterly updates including the title sequence and branding and all the filmed messages. Interviewing the key staff right up to the CTO Antonio Hidalgo..

Showcasing some of the products resulting from Accelerate!

Philips have a long history of innovation and research dating back to manufacturing the first lightbulbs.


The Global Technology Platforms (GTP) project was initiated to highlight new technologies created through research and partnerships globally across Philips. The aim was to showcase the new technologies and the current and possible future applications in products.


We reflected the high tech scientific nature of the information by creating a website  with a futuristic feel that walked the user through the various technology applications with supporting voice over, video and photography.

Developing Accelerate! into QIC for Philips Lighting.

Philips Lighting were impressed by our approach to Accelerate! and commissioned us to create a similar journey for their annual Quality Innovation Competition or QIC.


To make employees aware of QIC, the steps involved and the benefits we created an animated character who sets off on a journey of discovery. Along the way he's joined by colleagues who present their manufacturing innovations and ultimately win the competition- inspiring others to develop ideas and join the competition.


Project scope – created all aspects of the animation, from script and design to final film.

Project length – 8 weeks.

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