Hot Pickle – Crafting A Bespoke Beer Truck
Experiential Agency – 4 short films to promote the Innes & Gunn beer truck.

Hot Pickle are an award winning experiential agency. They creafed a completely bespoke beer truck, using the best craftsmen and materials.


Project scope – Concept, fIlm and edit.

Project length – 6 weeks.


We don't often get the opportunity to travel the country to film and interview craftsmen creating something truly unique. Hot Pickle were working on a project for Innes & Gunn brewers, to create a truck that could carry and dispense their unique beers at festivals.

Hot Pickle designed the truck to reflect the care and craft that goes into evey pint, into every step of making the beer. They used wood, made barrels from scratch, spurned metal splash backs for tiles and hand painted all the signage. There is no beer truck like it, and it’s all hand made with attention to every detail.

Hot Pickle commissioned us to film and interview the people behind the making of the truck, the sign painters, the metal spinners, the cabinet makers and the vehicle fabricators.

We produced 4 short films, each focussing on the people behind the making of the truck.