Fx Channel
TV Broadcasting – 6 channel idents, combining live action and 3D CGI.

The Fx Channel have a red tab used throughout their programming and schedule, as part of an update we helped to create 6 new idents.


Project scope – Animation prototyping, VFX supervision, shoot supervision, camera tracking and CGI.

Project length – 16 weeks.



The first shoot we did was one of the wettest, it rained for most of the night! The only actor, the cat, wasn't too keen on the weather either, and it took a lot of persuading to get him outside. Despite this we managed to get all the shots we needed for the first sequence.


Back in the studio the work of matching the camera then adding in the 3D elements started, the main technical challenge came once we'd created the animation. The ship and the octopus were some of the heaviest scenes to render – there were so many of the red tabs that some of the frames took around 24 hours to render.


There were 5 other locations: alley way, casino, bedroom, comedy club and car park. Filming in the car park was dry but had it's own challenges, mainly with the lighting. The lack of natural light meant a huge lighting rig, generator, skill and time to set up each shot.The star of the show was the Mustang, it looked great and the sound was as awesome, reverberating and echoing around the car park.


Tracking the camera and then matching a 3D proxy mustang to the moving car required some patience, and a vatiety of tracking techniques. But once done we could animate the red tabs with freedon, floating and flik-flaking them as they moved.