FloorplansUsketch – Surveyorpad
Surveying – FPUS have a new app to make plan drawing faster and more efficient– B2B & B2C sales video.

FloorplansUsketch (FPUS) are one of the leaders in floorplan drawing and photo retouching, they approached us to create a video for their new app Surveyorpad.


Project scope – created all aspects of the animation, from script and design to final film.

Project length – 5 weeks.



To differentiate this video from the industry norm of screengrabs and a video of the app in use we suggested a bold graphical direction. We designed a clean fresh look incorporating our surveyor Phil, who is looking for a better more efficient way of working. Using Phil and introducing a character into the animation creates a further departure from the regular app video and helps industry professionals identify with the product.


By carefully selecting a narrow colour palette, derived from the brand colours, we created a clean fresh look. The animation dynamically leads the viewer around the key product features, driven along with a great soundtrack.

Surveying – FPUS have an industry leading plan and photo retouching service – B2B & B2C sales video.

FloorplansUsketch have a great product and service but they wanted to make this clear to new customers.


FPUS have an office in the UK ready to handle any concerns that clients may have, this is a huge selling point in an industry where outsourcing often goes hand in hand with a lack of communication. In addition to that they can guarantee a fast turnaround. These were the key USP’s that we focussed on in the animation.


The result is a video that builds on the design of Surveyorpad, developing the fresh clean style with a simple clear set of messages and sales points.


Project scope – all design and animation.

Project length – 4 weeks.