Energy Suppliers –  Internal Communication Video.

As part of a new approach to gaining and responding to customer feedback E-ON commissioned the Surgery Design to create a short video to demonstrate it’s effectiveness to the rest of the company.


Project scope – concept, script consultant, pre production, direction and editing.

Project length – 8 weeks.


E-ON’s UK home move team are based in Bolton and deal with queries relating to one of the most stressful time in life: the dreaded house move.

To help get more accurate and timely feedback that they can react to E-ON introduced heartbeat, a new approach paired with new technology that is completely changing the way they work.

The team in Bolton were fantastic, brilliant in front of the camera and very honest, they all love heartbeat so we only heard good things, making our job easy. To break the ice we used emoji props, such as thumbs up, smiley faces and hearts.

The result is a genuine and open film, unequivocally showing the benefits of heartbeat and why the team believe it should be rolled out to the rest of the company.