University for the Creative Arts
Higher Education – explainer video for prospective
students going through clearing.
It's a difficult time for prospective students if they find they don't get the exam results they hoped for. The clearing process helps students find a course that will best suit them.
Working with the marketing team at the UCA (University for the creative arts) this video takes them through the steps that they need to take – hopefully making the process less stressful.
Project scope – we created all design and animation, scripting and directed voice over. Project length – 7 weeks
The design derives from the new rebrand created by design studio Spin – who are renowned for the Channel 4 and Channel 5 brands. This was applied to all campuses, digital and print at the UCA, it uses geometric shapes and patterns with a limited but strong vibrant palette. The bold graphic design formed the basis for the animation, with the lines, dots and waves recurring throughout.
The UCA marketing team wanted to convey certain key points to the prospective students, so we took these, and after talking to students who had been through the process, we devised the script. The music and voice over were selected to appeal to the new student.