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Philips consumer lifestyle are the leading innovator and manufacturer in consumer products.
We've helped them to:

– communicate the "Accelerate!" message globally to over 2000 employees
– design and create a unique website to host and distribute content
– keep colleagues engaged and up to date over the program


Antonio Hidalgo, Chief Innovation, Marketing and Strategy, Philips, Consumer Lifestyle

“Sebastian is a practical and very customer centric director and animator.  He quickly understood the communication challenge we faced in inspiring over 2000 people in over 10 locations on 3 continents to engage in a recap of a first year of a massive organizational transformation.  His approach presented the content in an inspiring and interactive manner,  I have received many positive reactions to it.  Thank you Sebastian."


Internal communications in another world

Sample of the animation used on the website

Philips Consumer Lifestyle needed a new communication platform for their Accelerate! Program. As part of a 3 year improvement scheme defined by 5 key areas involving thousands of employees located globally we were tasked with designing a structure and narrative to communicate the Accelerate! message.


We started by breaking down the elements within the program and creating and collecting all the assets such as: video, resources and tools. From this we designed a virtual world with 5 zones all unified within a main structure or building.

Using characters and animation in this way was a first for Philips. Our innovative approach created the basis for an internal website, where our character led the viewer around the different worlds within the program. Each of these worlds contained information, videos and tools helping to inform and encourage a global audience of colleagues to get involved.

Phillips accelerate.00_00_20_09.Still005

Keeping colleagues engaged and up to date

As Accelerate! was a 3 year program we created and supplied content through interviews with key stakeholders and management, highlighting best practice and new developments within Accelerate!

We created the quarterly updates including interviews, product highlights and new tools.


The Global Technology Platforms (GTP) project was initiated to highlight new technologies created through research and partnerships globally across Philips. The aim was to showcase the new technologies and the current and possible future applications in products.

We reflected the high tech scientific nature of the information by creating a website  with a futuristic feel that walked the user through the various technology applications with supporting voice over, video and photography

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