Mr Superfly was at the heart of a new initiative to drive sales on board and online. Working with Mission control music studio's and Howling Wolf Production we created a music video, ringtone and merchandise from buttons to usb's. 

Project scope – all aspects of the animation from first meeting to final delivery Project length – 10 weeks.

Aviation – sales video, inflight entertainmetn, ringtone and merchandise.

The music video that started it all, Mr Superfly is born! As part of an inflight promotional package Mr Superfly buzzed around the airwaves and airline becoming possibly the most annoying fly ever.


We created all the visuals from designing the initial character sketches through to the finished animation. Over a period of two and a half months we took the inital sketches, created the storyboards, modelled the characters and environments, finally animation brought these models and worlds to life.


For such an unlikely super hero Mr Superfly was a real hit with over 380,000 hits on youtube alone, perhaps not such a hit with parents though…

The most annoying ringtone ever?

Tired of your normal ring tone? Well, Mr Superfly will certainly get your attention and anyone else in earshot! The ring tone was available for all the major phones and had people either scurrying to take their call or some just let it ring...The Ringtone was part of a package including music video and merchandise.