Chaucer Direct

Creating 2 new identities for Chaucer Direct- working under Pull Digital


Creating Geoff

Creating Geoff started with research into cars that would appeal to the market sector, working with Chaucer Direct and taking the lead from Pull Digital we made mood boards of car shapes, headlights, grilles, wheels and colours. From this we started to rough out the shape of Geoff- focussing on the mouth, eyes and silhouette as this forms the most recognisable part of any character.

Finally we added paint finish and other tweaks to produce the final result.


Geoff and Victor

Following on from Geoff, Chaucer Direct needed another identity- this time to represent their van insurance product. Pull Digital called on us again to help create Victor, we used their research to create a character that appealed to the target audience with a bulkier more workman like form whilst remaining a friendly approachable character.